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    Posted by whatusay on June 26, 2016, 6:01 pm, in reply to "Re: GC Mayor"

    Preferential consideration when applying for a job within the district. If you have family or friends sitting on the board, more times than not, you will land a job within the district or a municipal job. FACT

    You're most certainly guaranteed a blind eye from the board should you commit some transgression, even an illegal one, that would cause anyone in the private sector to be terminated or prosecuted, if you have a relative sitting on the board. Not only a blind eye, but a full blown cover up to make sure it is not exposed down the road. Thanks to the internet, these situations normally work themselves to the surface like festering splinter these days. Eventually the facts come out. FACT

    In any bidding situation, from contractual work to purchasing old district items, if you have friends or family on the board, your chances are much better to win the bid than someone with no connection. FACT

    Sitting on the school board allows those in the positions to negotiate union salaries and benefits for their wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, children and friends. Who best interest do you think they have in mind? The taxpayers or their families? FACT

    And before you ask, yes I have examples, many actually, to substantiate everything I've written.
    I did not go into specifics because as I sit here I'm not ready to respond to a sh*t storm.

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