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    Posted by Hard Core on June 20, 2016, 11:19 pm, in reply to "Re: GC Mayor"

    Hello no it's not. My days for that have came and gone, but that does not mean I am not entitled to an opinion about our city and the people in charge of it. You can't have it both ways Opi, one day you are on board that the Mayor's desire and drive to push our city forward has diminished. You admit that the former E.D. was a disappointment, and allowed to remain a disappointment far too long.

    You admit that the public is at fault for voting in the same pathetic school board members, but when someone decides to voice their opinion on these matters, the FIRST predictable words out of your mouth are, "are you going to run?".

    H E L L T O T H E NO,

    I'm not going to run, but God knows I sure as f**k should have years ago because we all know once your in, your IN, because if this town is good at anything, it's great at repeating the same mistakes, term after term after term!

    You're not satisfied, or at least seemed far less than satisfied with the state of the city, it's development, it's townships etc....are you running? Does this mean that you are going to step up at one of these town meetings and suggest a possible vote, or begin a petition to dissolve these townships? If so, I'll attend the meeting and have your back. I'll be your first signature on the petition!

    I (think) that this rumor about the new E.D. is almost true, the only thing I think that could make it any truer is, would be to state that the new E.D. is not an "acquaintance of a former Councilman" BUT instead, he is related to the former Councilman. SHOCKER.................NOT!

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