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    Posted by whatusay on March 16, 2016, 9:42 pm, in reply to "Poor Marco"

    I like Kasich too. But people are, I was going to say gravitating, but it's more like running to Trump because the GOP's actions have literally set him up to win.

    I watched some political editorial the other morning where they said, PEOPLE ARE SICK TO DEATH of the crap in Washington. They are sick to death of a Congress whose only, ONLY mission was to obstruct the President on dang near every single issue, they are sick to death of politicians period.

    Trump has taken playing off this to the next level. People are more than willing to give him a chance because who they have been voting in isn't working. They'll go for the guy who is not a career politician, who is funding his own campaign and apparently doesn't take too much crap. The others in the GOP and the Democrats have handed this to him on a silver platter.

    The funniest part is, everyone in both parties is just shocked! How dare the people get to the fed up point.

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