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    Shooting??? Archived Message

    Posted by whatusay on March 16, 2016, 6:43 pm

    Who knows what about the shooting last night at the basketball court behind Farm Fresh on Pontoon Road?

    Nets are down, no trespassing signs are up.

    People at Farm Fresh said it was drug related, and they have been having that problem for quite a while.

    My question is, if the people at the store knew about it, why didn't our police department?

    It seems like, unfortunately, we have ample drug dealing going on which would allow for some major arrests. Confidential informants spilling their guts for release all the time in GC, but rarely any arrests.

    We need a drug crackdown task force. Pull some civilian volunteers into the mix and kick some azz. If we as citizens and property owners, and the GCPD don't make a major move to stop this crap this town is doomed. Doomed with a capital D.


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