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    Posted by Kristy on January 18, 2016, 2:06 pm, in reply to "Re: Kristy"

    I am not lying about being Katie Ronk-Meyer. I am not this woman no matter how badly you wish it to be true so you can validate this ridiculous argument of yours. I have lied about nothing. I have never met with a school board member.

    Has this diversionary tactic of yours worked well for you in life?

    If you focus all your attention negatively on someone else, over and over, eventually others will look their way as well, and overlook your manipulation or what you're trying to hide or cover up?

    It shouldn't matter if I am Julia Roberts, the message would still be the same. Focus on the matter at hand, not who is bringing it light.

    This fight occurred in our local school, this fight was captured on video and it irrefutably shows there was not a single staff member of any position there. Another student broke up the fight and no one knows what happened once the off button was hit.

    Can you please again tell me how this was a fabrication after seeing all the pictures.

    No, I am not an insider. That photo of the curved wall is widely available to the public after doing a general internet search. If you do not know something that simple, I truly hope you are not still in the educational field.

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