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    Posted by gcgrad98 on January 12, 2016, 5:39 pm, in reply to "GC Animal Control"

    This was posted on the Pound Pets Facebook page yesterday. Might give a little more insight.

    Pound Pets, Inc
    Yesterday at 6:57am
    Press Release!!!!!!
    Pound Pets Inc. is excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with Mayor Hagnauer and the City of Granite City concerning the Animal Control building. Beginning 1/15/16 Pound Pets Inc. will be assuming control of the everyday operations and policies of the building. The State of Illinois regulations will not change as they pertain to stray animals, nor will the procedure of calling Granite City Animal Control for animal related issues 618-452-6322. Pound Pets Inc. is not assuming the responsibilities of the Animal Control Officers; only of the animals once they reach the building. The building is still an Animal Control facility, not a shelter. We will continue to seek rescue when stray hold is up and seek fosters or adopters for the animals when needed. There will however be a significant change to the hours and availability of staff in the building. This will be a major transition for all involved, but we are determined to make this a successful change.
    Thank you for your continued support.
    To get started these supplies are desperately needed:
    Dog beds- all sizes
    Blankets, towels, sheets
    Newspaper and puppy training pads
    Dog and cat toys- all sizes (including stuffed animals)
    Collars, leashes and harnesses- all sizes
    Treats- dog and cat
    Paper towels
    Animal safe cleaning supplies
    Wire crates- all sizes
    Locking and non-locking cabinets
    Laundry detergent
    Washer and dryer a stackable would be ideal for space reasons.
    File Cabinets
    Desk and chairs- small would be ideal for space reasons
    We can make arrangements to pick up or call one of us for drop off locations... Deb 618-520-9608, Krystle 618-531-1110, Melissa 618-430-2663, or Pam 618-792-0542.

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