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    Posted by twoputt on January 11, 2016, 9:07 pm, in reply to "Re: GC Animal Control"

    That's a great question Opie. Why the hostility? I'd ask the same of you and "What you say". I'm on this site almost everyday to check on things going on in the area. Just because I dont't post very often doesn't warrant you schooling me on getting to know people first.

    And for WYS, why the put downs?
    Calling someone an idiot, to unwad my panties and to post comments directed "squarely at me". Talk about hostility.

    I'm not a city, county, state or federal employee but do know many who are and by and large they are good people who are just doing their job like everyone else trying to earn a living. They don't make the policies they are tasked to work within and don't deserve the ridicule. If y'all wanna kick around the elected officials so be it, they stepped into the pitch.

    But, was her post really about a web site for lost pets or just another opportunity to gripe about what's lacking in the community with no real interest in helping make change.

    Since I haven't "gotten to know" WYS, if I'm wrong I stand corrected.

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