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Welcome to the 1250 Message Board. This board is devoted to 1200/1250 scale ship models. Use it to post inquiries, buy-sell, announcements of new releases, and thumbnail reviews of 1200/1250 scale ships. The board is a privately owned and operated site and is monitored by the editor for content. The reader is expected to treat others with courtesy and respect. Personal attacks, insults, predatory practices, and discussions of political or moral issues are not permitted and shall be deleted. Readers are welcome to offer to buy, sell or trade models, but may not use the board as a means to conduct a regular and continuing business. By posting to the board the reader accepts the rules stated herein. The administrator reserves the right to remove anonymous posts or material which he deems is not in keeping with the purposes of the board, and to deny access to anyone who violates the rules and policies of the site.

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