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    Re: The LCSCA 2015 Challenge Event Display Archived Message

    Posted by Tom Archer on March 12, 2015, 11:58 am, in reply to "Re: The LCSCA 2015 Challenge Event Display "

    Hadn't even considered the Smith/Baker guns, and you can certainly bring that gun if you wish; but, assuming we can assemble a reasonably good LC Smith/Syracuse era display, I'd prefer to do a Smith/Baker gun display at another time.

    As regards Syracuse era Hammer guns, I have commitments for nice F and C Quality example Smith guns. I believe Frank Finch has very nice D and AA Quality examples that I've asked him to bring; but at this moment I don't have any leads on Quality E, B, and A example hammer guns. Need some help please!

    As far as the hammerless Syracuse era guns, Frank Finch has committed to a Quality 5, and I have a possible lead on a Quality 4; but am in need of a nice examples in Quality 2, 3, 6, and 7 and know they are out there!

    I also believe there are a couple of 8-bore Syracuse era guns in existence; so if anyone has a connection and can get the owner/s to loan us one of those examples for the display, what a wonderful thing it would be to behold (8-bore never cataloged during the Syracuse era).

    And again, there are Syracuse era gun oddities; anyone fortunate enough to own such a gun is encouraged to bring and share same (one such example seen is a 12-bore that was re-barreled to 16-bore by Hunter Arms).

    And if anyone owns a highly unusual and/or extremely rate Smith gun from any era that has yet to see daylight at the Southern Side x Side, you are encouraged to bring that gun also. And finally, if things work as planned and the Mississippi River bridge doesn't get washed away; there will be one ultra-rare Smith gun at our booth and high-lighting our display that ALL MEMBERS will want to see, so you'd better be there!

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