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    Pre 13 Quality 2 with Vent rib Archived Message

    Posted by Stubtwist on October 22, 2014, 6:24 pm

    Today I was at a local shop that deals mostly modern guns and pistols. There were only three doubles on the used gun rack. A Parker P grade in real sad shape and a Lefever Nitro. Only one immediately caught my eye. I looked at a Pre-13 Quality 2E (1905) that had a ventilated rib and barrel loop support. Barrel length are 32". Evidently this was sent back to the factory fitted for a re-barrel since these options were not offered until the mid 20's.

    All numbers match and the ejectors are timed perfect launching the snap caps when the gun is opened.

    It does have some issues. Top lever is to the left when closed at the 7:00 position, grip cap is missing,front ivory bead is also missing, and a different buttplate was installed. Gun is nice and tight however with no wiggle.

    My questions are - if ordering a letter, will the Factory letter show if this gun was sent back for a rebarrel?

    The forend. The forend checking is in much better condition than on the shoulder stock. It is pointed but it seems there are more lines per inch on the shoulder stock than on the forend. I attached photos and would like your opinion if you believe if the forend is original or taken from a different gun.

    Forend part 2 and barrels: Since this has the barrel loop, were the barrel loop installed just just trap grades, long range / wild fowl, and beavertails? Wondering if there once a beaver tail once ordered for this gun and possibly if a letter will state that.

    I did not have any tools to measure chokes or chamber length. Curious if it may be 3" but with no markings on the flats.

    Here are the pictures. Look forward to your replies.



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