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    Re: my first lc smith Archived Message

    Posted by David Williamson on October 5, 2014, 7:58 am, in reply to "my first lc smith"

    Robert, that is a nice looking piece of wood, also an unusual combination of ejectors and HOT for a late gun.
    As for the little play when opened, I would not worry about that as it is common.
    If you are handy, I would take the wood from the for-end and then mount the metal onto the barrels and see if the roller release is catching on the back of the barrel loop. It is quite possible that since the wood looks replaced that it might not be catching and that is why it comes off.
    If both barrels went off it could be caused by the side locks being too tight and this is causing the sears to bind with each other. The top screw in your picture shows the orientation up/down. From the factory these screw slot heads were all orientated to the length. Check to see if this top connecting screw is sticking out of the right side, if so back off until it is flush with the lock and put snap caps and try shooting it again.
    I do believe the problem is that the lock plates are too tight.

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