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    my first lc smith Archived Message

    Posted by R. Marshall on October 4, 2014, 3:47 pm

    I purchased my first LC Smith this week. Its a 1948 feild grade that someone has updated the stocks on with some premium wood. it is a beautiful shotgun. It has some case color left and the barrels look really nice. It has the single trigger and auto-ejectors and 28"barrel. All numbers match,barrel, receiver and forearm part. I'm not sure what chokes yet. I have a couple of question. 1st one is it locks up tight and the lever is just right of center, but when its open it has some play at the hinge point. Is that a problem that needs addressed? 2nd the forearm seems to fit tight going on and its rock solid but it dont take much to pop-off. 3rd i have some polywad[ vintage and english spred-r] ordered, but today i bought some winchester super-target 2 3/4dr 1oz 8shot because i could not wait to shoot it. So i shot it and both barrels fired. It didnt hurt anything, but is that to much shell normally? What is the problem if not? I'll try to post some photos later. Thanks, Robert

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