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    Posted by Jent P Mitchell III on October 4, 2014, 8:15 am, in reply to "Buck Shot"

    What are the chamber sizes on your shotguns ???? What are the chokes in your barrels ??? Have the chambers been altered or reamed out by a "blacksmith" not a "gunsmith"...??? Have the chokes been altered..???...Altering the chokes is usually a good thing IF, big IF, it was done correctly....Most of the original L C Smith chokes from 1919 and 1921 would be to tight for use with modern plastic wads....Do not shoot STEEL shot out of your L C Smith..!!!...Do not shoot some, note some, of the other lead substitutes out of your L C Smith....Yes, your L C Smith can be converted to safely shoot modern 2 and 3/4 inch 12 gauge and 20 gauge ammo with plastic wads....Most likely all you will need to do is smooth out or very slightly lengthen the forcing cone and open the chokes....Many of us that regularly shoot our old L C Smiths have the head of the butt stock glass bedded....Make sure that all of the screws in your L C Smith are always correctly torqued.....Good Shooting To You, Jent

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