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    Re: Barrel Markings on 1928 Field Grade 12 ga Archived Message

    Posted by Bill Hofstetter on February 16, 2014, 6:45 am, in reply to "Barrel Markings on 1928 Field Grade 12 ga"

    Josh, I think what your seeing on the flats of each barrel opposite the breach is the Hunter Arms Co proof mark stamp. I don't have the barrels off mine but it is letters stamped on top of each other HANP or something like that. There are very knowlegable gentlemen on the form i.e., experts, who will probably provide you a more authorative response. As for your shell selection, my advice is to have the gun checked out by a competent gunsmith, Mr. Buck Hamlin, for example. If it checks out ok and you have a Regular frame Smith built in 1928 it should be ok to handle 2 3/4" 12 gauge shells. However, the experts on this forum recommend that because of the rather delicate design of the headstock of the gun's stock, unless the stock has been removed and glass beded at this area, the pressure ratings of your 12 gauge shells should be around 8,500 psi or less. IF YOU GO TO THIS FORUM'S "FAQ" SECTION (CLICK ON THE "SITE MAP" AT THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE HOME PAGE, YOU WILL FIND EXPERT ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS FROM GENTLEMEN WHO KNOW L. C. SMITH'S THROUGH AND THROUGH

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