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    Posted by David W on August 21, 2008, 7:33 pm, in reply to "Syracuse High Grades"

    That's a very good question. I believe so, but in "The Legend Lives" on page 95 there is a Quality 7 Syracuse with stepped side plates dated 1894 with a lot of extras. On page 122, 123 there is an A2 with the Syracuse style frame with stepped side plates.
    When everything was moved from Syracuse to Fulton I believe the Quality 6 and 7 were not made anymore. I do believe that there were transition guns that were finished in Fulton but this gun has three things that are not a Syracuse gun. One is that the breech balls are smaller, if you look at a Syracuse gun the side plates are almost touching the breech balls and the second is that the barrel lug is rounded and not squared. The third is that the convex lumps on the receiver bottom are smaller in shape than the Syracuse guns.
    The serial number might help or maybe the proud owner could help.
    The gun on page 123 described as an A2 with the description Syracuse style frame has the engravings of a Quality 7 with the stepped side plates and has ejectors. On page 127 there is an other A2 Syracuse style frame, variation one with extractors, again a Quality 7 style, stepped side plates and the same style engravings.

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable (SGT) will come along and explain, but this is what makes it fun.
    In my opinion the Syracuse guns were the nicest. It's a shame that he doesn't agree.

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