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    Posted by Bill Hambidge on October 30, 2006, 6:33 am, in reply to "Re: dis assembly"

    Taking off and reassembling the side plates on our "Sweet Elsies" is not too difficult if you follow Bob's directions. Further the firing pins do not have springs to retract them and often get "gunked" up because lots of folks have just squirted oil/WD-40/etc. down the holes as a way of "cleaning" the receiver. The way to check the strength of the hammer springs is to disassemble the gun with the hammers cocked. Place a quarter over each firing pin, holding the receiver up-right, and pull each trigger seperately. If the quarter leaps up 4-6 feet in the air the spring is fine, if not it needs replacement, Replacement hammer springs are available from Gun Parts/Numrich. To reassemble gun, remember to re-cock the hammers before trying to replace the fore end. Best, Dr. Bill

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