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    Posted by Skip Dunlap on October 27, 2006, 4:32 pm, in reply to "L C Smith Forarms"

    To answer your questions one at a time. The chances of the forend irons being interchangeable are slim with out a little luck due to them being ejector equipped. The reason being the kickers that eject the fired empty are fitted and tuned to the individual gun. They may have to be tweaked a little. This could keep them from working again correctly in the original gun. Question # 2 the chances that the barrels will fit are slim to none, each set of tubes were fitted to the individual receiver. The chances are that they will not fit due to being either too tight or too loose on the face. Again you are taking a chance of ending up with a set of tubes that do not fit either receiver correctly. It would be nice if these barrels and ejectors would interchange but each gun was hand fitted and very seldom are two close enough to swap out.I suppose you already know that nothing is interchangeable between an R frame and a FW frame gun. I hope this helps answer your questions. Good luck & keep shooting a Smith

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