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    Posted by SGT on October 27, 2006, 4:27 pm, in reply to "L C Smith Forarms"

    Anything is possible; but the odds are that those components will not interchange with your gun (you might get lucky!). Based on my experience, and assuming bore sizes and frame sizes are the same (Regular/Regular or Featherweight/Featherweight), the forearms may be a close fit; although the inletted areas will likely not align perfectly. With the barrels, first of all the replacement barrels must be for an ejector model (assuming your gun has ejectors); then the barrels must be the SAME BORE and FRAME SIZE. If the barrels are of same bore and frame size; there is a slight possibility they could interchange perfectly, but the odds are about 99.9% that you will require the fitting services of a professional gunsmith. If the replaement barrels are non-ejector barrels, the shell lifter will not work properly with your ejector iron. To convert a set of extractor barrels to ejector barrels is a lot of work that would definitely require a professional gunsmith skilled in double gun repair. Hope this helps

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