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    Posted by SGT on October 27, 2006, 11:48 am, in reply to "Re: Ideal grade"

    It certainly looks a little unusual compared to the typical Smith beavetail; that said, the gunworks would accomodate special customer requests whenever possible. Here is what I would suggest; if possible, remove the iron from the wood and examine the serial number stamped into the wood. Next remove the trigger guard strap screws and raise the strap to expose the serial number stamped into the wood beneath same. This is not an iron-clad guarantee of originality; but, if the two serial number stamps match, the wood is either original to the gun or the gun went thru a total restock and the stocker used the same stamps to renumber the new wood to the gun. In a great many instances, a stocker does not stamp a serial number into replacement wood; therefore, as the gunworks always numbered stocks to an individual gun, if you do not find a serial number on that beavertail you may rest assured that it is indeed not original.

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