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    This is the lineup, as i see it. Merry Christmas in advance. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 6, 2019, 1:42 am

    Blu is a nice con, tries to get along, and smart.
    River is a hard core con, and probably to my right on local stuff even. Never gives up. Hates him some free stuff army sorts.
    Opie is a go along to get along con, who tries and will concede things W/O ever getting anything back from the lefties. Me twenty years ago, before i decided it isnt worth it. Smart, and obnoxious, good traits.
    ME, ....im an asshole con, and i dont much care if you agree with me or not. Obnoxious of course, but not phony. Rude, ok, but i love animals.
    bob is just a nice guy, period. Too damn nice..
    Worker is a 60/40 con that makes a ton of sense. Probably the only one in here that possibly could change my mind on something.
    3Dee, Nice enough, far left views. Dug in and thats that. Works for me.
    OM, Smart as a whip, a master of hocus pocus. Pretty solid Race baiter. Loves fighting in the trenches as long as he can make the rules.
    Palin, my favorite lefty, has some deep dark views that are not so in line with the leftist mob. He COULD BE fixable.
    Millgirl, i dont read her stuff, im just glad to see someone so young be more involved.
    I hate that im missing so many and dont know so many others.

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