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    Posted by opinionated on December 5, 2019, 12:45 pm

    Ten minutes after CNN had to swallow hard and announce that Trump had just been elected President, a path to derail his administration was set.

    Trump disturbed the natural order of things in DC. He wasn't supposed to win. He was considered a joke. Hillary was to be the first female ever elected President.

    When that fell apart, the democrats set a path to watch this "new guy" step in the many potholes of government. Now we all know that calls like he made to the President of Ukrane have gone on forever. We all know that there is a standard of quid pro quo in Washington that is as bendable as a slinky.

    Trump, as an outsider forgot to ask permission to participate like all of the other children in the sandbox. He stepped into this mess and became a target. Well, Nancy and company got him. He made the fatal mistakes of not becoming an insider.

    However, he convinced so much of the American public that D.C. smells like the old St. Louis stock yards that they follow him unquestionably.

    As we all know, the House ( or at least the majority ) is celebrating this afternoon. Now I know on t.v. Nancy said this is a sad day. Like hell sweetie. Don't be afraid to gloat a little. You had Schiff and some of the other haters have gotten what you wanted out of this. Rejoice!

    In a month or so the Senate will have their field day and the dems will have to sit there and watch their plan melt away like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.

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