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    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 4, 2019, 7:52 pm, in reply to "Re: NO doubt about it. Joe is crazy"

    The lesser of two evils??? Thats funny. Trump may tweet too much, but unlike Obama he didnt have a media whose sole purpose was to run interference for him. He feels if he doesnt defend himself, who will? Im still not sure what i think of Trump bailing in Syria, but i support much of what he has done to this point. How often do you actually hear any of these leftists trash him on policy, any policy?? Damn seldom is the correct answer.
    Sometimes i wish Trump could let some of the garbage he puts up with go, but at the same time im often happy when he fights back and tells his enemies to F Off.
    You can support the guy whose a bit rude and crude and even an egomaniac that does most evrything you like policy wise or you can support whichever Democrat Socialist that the kooks eventually put up. Its not at all the lesser of two evils, and no real conservative would say that just to kiss up to a few leftists on a local website. Ever since i can remember ive heard the lesser of two evils nonsense, sometimes by people that dont know anything. While we have certainly had times where we have had pretty slim pickings, (2008 stands out for me) we must keep in mind that the American electorate does not exactly consist of 300 million Einsteins. We have college graduates that think that England won the Civil War that want to say we have to decide between the lesser of two evils. Mark Dice shows over and over again that the electorate is pretty damn stupid, so maybe we shouldnt expect standout candidates. We can only hope that the moron vote cancels each other out.
    I dont really think Creepy Joe is evil, hes just a little bit senile and crooked as hell. Also, he probably shouldnt be allowed around children.

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