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    Russian asset takes down Kamala. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 3, 2019, 2:02 pm

    Jessie Smolletts pal Kamala Harris just bit he dust, and she was at least in part taken down by Tulsi Gabbard. Of course we will never know how much of this was Tulsi and how much was it the DNC telling her to get the hell out. The Democrat lineup is looking a little bit whiter and a little bit more white male dominated today. I guess they will allow Booker to stick around a little longer for entertainment value. Bloomberg, Biden and Crazie Bernie will try to ward off the son of a Marxist Professor, Mayor Pete and the Fake Indian. As pathetic as Harris is, she was still a much better option than the Fake Indian.
    Tulsi is the only semi sane one the Democrats have, but Booker will probably try to get revenge for Kamala and attack her now. I cant wait to see if Spartacus attacks Bloomberg over his marijuana stance. They should have family day on the Democrat debate stage, and we can all watch and see which 8 year old kid rubs Creepy Joes legs first before sitting on his lap. Thats one Democrat debate i wouldnt miss, that would be some great TV.

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