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    Climate cultists interrupt Yale Harvard Football game. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 23, 2019, 5:52 pm

    In what may be the final game of many of these players careers, climate cultists decided to make themselves part of the event. Back in the day, this kind of thing would have been dealt with and these kooks wouldnt be coddled as is often the case any more. This is precisely the type of situation the inventor of night sticks had in mind when he designed this now vastly underused device. You dont have to go crazy, you simply crack open the skulls of the first dozen or so that go onto the field and the others wont be nearly as bold.
    But no, they arrest a few of them and the rest of them dont even gets slaps on the hand, which of course os whay this sh** continues. Antifa sorts should get a little harsher dose of reality than these Climate Cultists, they need tasers and tear gas to go along with the skull taps to get a better understanding of reality.
    If 200 pro lifers decided to storm the field of an event such as this, the leftists would scream bloody murder, and although i agree with the cause, those people too would deserve 2 warnings and then an ass beating. The difference of course is i dont care what the cause is, you dont do this in a society where we have laws, not mob rule. For the time being that is supposed to be case anyway.

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