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    Re: Girl pulls gun at school and waves it around. Archived Message

    Posted by garybusey on November 21, 2019, 8:56 am, in reply to "Girl pulls gun at school and waves it around."

    Th"e incident arose during a classroom discussion at Westridge Middle School on Sept. 18, 2019, when a young girl was asked, theoretically, if she could kill any five people in the room, whom she would pick. The 13-year-old girl then pointed to four fellow students and herself, using her hand to mimic a “finger gun.” She was subsequently sent to the principal’s office, where the school resource officer recommended that she be arrested. "

    This is incredibly disturbing, particularly when the student knows she would kill herself. Arrest isnt in order, but an immediate SASS evaluation needs to occur. Depending on the resources of the school district, that may not have been doable, thus the call to the SRO.

    To your last sentence, I dont think the teacher is the one that asked the question, but rather a fellow student, who should most likely also undergo a SASS evaluation.

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