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    Posted by opinionated on November 17, 2019, 8:49 pm

    Have you heard North Korea mentioned in the news lately?

    Has the wall been a topic lately on any major network?

    Hear anything about kids being separated from their parents and families being deported?

    Did anyone besides FOX report that amidst the impeachment inquiry we had another record day on the stock exchange?

    Did you hear any outcry from the democrats about the school shooting in California? Now granted, only three died and no scary AR15 weapons were used so it didn't really fit the narrative. How many deaths in a mass shooting Nancy?

    This boils down to nothing is more important to the democrats than getting rid of Trump.

    I criticized Trump Friday for his ill-timed tweet. Then I heard Schiff at a California campaign rally saying, "we'll get rid of the charlatan in the White House". Nancy must be furious because she's been claiming there is no guilty verdict yet and this is a bi-partisan action.

    Schiff took a step in the wrong direction by doing this and in legal circles would be disqualified to continue in an non-discriminatory chairman role.

    Now I can't wait for this to be taken to the Senate where Mitch will lead the charge.

    Such BS this week.

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