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    Poisoning the kiddies minds early, that is what Democrats do. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 3, 2019, 5:29 pm

    A Texas school district has voted to approve a new sex education program for 8-year-olds that will teach children how to engage in sodomy, how to put on condoms, and that gender is "non-binary."Despite strong opposition from parents, the Austin Independent School District (Democrats) gave the green light for the plan that will also drop gender-specific language such as "mother" and "father" from the curriculum from third grade and up.(you have to start them young with the sickness) The curriculum discourages gender-specific language because it “can limit [children’s] understanding of gender into binaries,” according to Texas Values,Schools will now also encourage children to attend LGBTQ “pride” events and discover other ways to become transgender “allies.” The plan proposes children should act out various role-play scenarios in class.The suggestions include situations where lesbians are deciding when to engage in oral sex and how to handle the aftermath of a drunken sexual encounter.Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ © press The plans crops gender-specific language such as 'mother' and 'father' from the curriculum The material also contains detailed instructions on how to put on condoms and even advice on “how to lower the chance of pain and make anal more enjoyable” without fear of “health issues,” according to LifeSite News.Todd Starnes and Church Militant report that more than a hundred members of the community descended on the school board meeting Monday evening to express concern.TRENDING: School District to Teach 8 Year Olds How to Engage in Sodomy“Who gave you the right, Austin ISD?” asked the father of a fifth-grade student.“You have overstepped.”Another parent called the curriculum an “attack on Christianity and family and on parental rights.”Concerned citizens read specific details from the curriculum, with resident Gary Moore calling the sexual role-play activities a “dream scenario for pedophiles.” © press The new curriculum encourages children to attend LGBTQ pride events Critics were met with opposition by pro-LGBT protesters, some of whom attempted to use loudspeakers and instruments to drown them out.The school board itself largely dismissed community objections, signaling their position in advance with rainbow flags on their desks.“If there are any kids actually watching this I want to tell them directly that they, you have heard a lot of hate tonight in this room,” Trustee Arati Singh declared at one point.The crowd reacted to the accusation by booing, which board president Geronimo Rodriguez dismissed by simply telling the audience that counselors were present for anyone who needed them.“This vote by the Austin ISD Board sends a clear message: people of faith and traditional moral values are not welcome in Austin ISD,” Texas Values vice president David Walls said in response to the vote.“By passing this curriculum, Austin ISD has broken the sacred trust that parents put in their children’s schools."Austin ISD parents have no reason to entrust their children to a school district that weaponizes education to indoctrinate children into the LGBT political movement.”
    These are Democrat values, and to think some thought things would calm down after gay marriage became legal. No, that was just the beginning. The sicker that society becomes, the better it is for the Democrat Party.

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