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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 1, 2019, 12:12 am, in reply to "Adam Schiff Coached Alexander Vindman Throughout Impeachment Testimony"

    The Garbage Party on Thursday voted to formalize the process by which pencil neck Adam Schiff is holding his secret squirrel, behind-the-scenes, highly unorthodox “impeachment inquiry” regarding President Trump.

    To remind everyone, this BS process was undertaken in response to the president’s alleged ‘abuse of power’ by asking for a “quid pro quo” from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a phone call in July.

    That quid pro quo? A Democrat operative they are calling a “whistleblower” claims that Trump demanded “political dirt” on Joe Biden in exchange for military aid that had already been approved by Congress.

    We already know a lot about the operative/whistleblower including his identity, thanks to the intrepid reporting of that boss investigative journalist Paul Sperry.

    But lost in all the crap being tossed about by Schiff and Co., echoed without hesitation by the pathetic ‘mainstream’ media, is that former President Obama and his Ukraine point man, Biden, are the ones who really screwed that country over.

    They are the ones who betrayed Ukraine, not Donald Trump.

    As noted by the German daily DW.com in 2014, shortly after Russia ‘annexed’ Ukrainian territory (Crimea):

    Until recently, the existence of a decades-old Ukraine security guarantee was known only by security experts and some politicians.

    But ever since the Russian annexation of Crimea, Ukraine is now, more than ever recalling that so-called Budapest Memorandum.

    The document was signed on 5 December, 1994 at the summit of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). In it, Ukraine, a nuclear power at that time, voluntarily gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees.

    Yes, the Budapest Memorandum obliged the United States, Britain and other Western nations to defend Ukraine if it surrendered those Soviet-era nukes.

    Ukraine did. And two decades later, when the country needed to be defended, Obama punted (just like he did following his so-called “red line” declaration in Syria).

    Shortly after Russia took the Crimea, which Vladimir Putin would not have done had he thought for a moment that Obama would live up to that treaty and come to Ukraine’s defense, Joe Biden was on the ground in Ukraine threatening to withhold a billion dollars in aid money to Kiev when the government there desperately needed it for self-defense, as Russia-backed forces had launched a civil war in Ukraine’s east, in the Donbas region.

    And why did the former VP make the threat? Oh, because a Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating corruption involving a company that was paying his son, Hunter, a boatload of money per month to be a “board member.”

    Trump, meanwhile, has been accused by Schiff and the Garbage Party of doing what Biden did — except that Trump is the president who actually provided Ukraine with lethal military aid so Kiev could defend itself against Putin’s aggression.

    Trump, in other words, did more to live up to the conditions of the Budapest Memorandum than Obama (and Biden) ever did. In fact, Obama/Biden exploited Ukraine at its most vulnerable moment.

    What kind of arrangement did Obama and his buddy, Putin, really have in order for Obama to look the other way as the Russian leader took Crimea?

    Oh, that’s right; 44 promised after his reelection in 2012 to be more “flexible” on “missile defense” in Europe (translation: more willing to give in to Putin’s demands).

    What else did he promise? Didn’t that make Obama Putin’s stooge? Of course it did.

    These jackals will never stop.

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