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    Chicago aldermen working on reparations ordinance Archived Message

    Posted by Riverbender on August 2, 2019, 1:13 pm

    This is important because after all, downstate funding is often directed to support Chicago's spending fiascoes.

    Their draft reparations ordinance will be introduced in September, when the City Council reconvenes after the traditional summer recess.

    It calls for commitments from agencies of local government under the mayor’s control. They include:

    • Free education, job training and apprenticeship programs at the City Colleges of Chicago “leading directly to job opportunities for the impacted population” along with a “curriculum that seeks to undo the lingering effects and trauma of the Transatlantic slave trade.”

    • Free public transportation on the CTA.

    • Development of an early childhood education plan at Chicago Public Schools for African American students living in poverty along with “tutors and specialized attention for impacted students.”

    • Free water filters to deal with high lead levels.

    • Examining the feasibility of creating a “prescription drug benefit for senior citizens…forced to choose between paying their rent and buying medicine.”

    • A full range of housing services and assistance programs.

    • Updated city’s minority set-aside requirements “with the express goal of increasing the number of African American vendors and contracts for services to an equitable level reflecting their population in the city (31%).”

    “When we talk about the trials and tribulations of black people in America, a lot of it still has ramifications from slavery and they need to be righted

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