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    Re: The 13 Nuttiest Quotes From Wednesday's Democratic Presidential Debate Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on August 1, 2019, 9:34 pm, in reply to "Re: The 13 Nuttiest Quotes From Wednesday's Democratic Presidential Debate"

    I dont care who the best debater is,
    hell Ive never seen anyone outdo Huckabee but debating skills are over rated. I remember Hitlery beat Obama one on one during the primaries when it was just those two. but the DNC decided race Trumped gender at the end of the day.
    No president has ever been covered for as much as Obama, Biden doesnt have the same look but dont touch shield that Hussein Obama had and still has. Its fair game four years later to trash Obamas policies just as long as you dont stress that they were Obamas policies. This sick party has fallen so far that Obama era policy is now considered right wing.
    Obama is every bit the egomaniac that Trump is and the thing he hates the most about Trump is how he has dismantled many things that Obama had in place.
    If military service is a big factor now and Gabbard mentions it often, i have to wonder where that particular quality was when McCain ran against the Golden one.
    Many years ago i thought i was being cute when i voted for Jessie Jackson in the primary, but it still kind of sticks with you a little bit later on.

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