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    Posted by Wally Bunker on July 29, 2019, 5:48 pm, in reply to "Re: Baltimore is a Dump."

    An ideal America Hmmmmm, maybe one where an incumbent President doesnt spy on the opposing party candidate and launch a coup backed by the MSM, would be a ice place to start. My ideal America would have clearly defined borders, no sanctuaries for leftist cities who do not wish to abide with federal law. Is asking for clearly marked mens rooms and ladies rooms asking too much?? Men are men women are women, you dont get to decide which sex you want to be when you wake up each morning, just like you cant wake up and decide you want to be a tree. Gay marriage can stay, i really could care less about who anyone else marries.
    If you rape someone or murder them in most circumstances, you die. If you severely beat and or molest a child, you die, period. No long ass drawn out trials, no plea bargaining. No waiting to see what political party the offender is first, you do the crime, its game over.
    The strongest military, and yes i understand that building a strong defense will eat into wealth redistribution dollars. Social media would be for everyone, not just those that agree politically with the corporations CEO. They will abide of be broken up. The SC would stay at nine, no changing the numbers by adding justices when you have control as the Democrats are discussing.
    Term limits,i used to be opposed now i am for them. One 8 years term for Presidents which is designed to thwart the opposition party fraudulent attacks. Congressman get 5 terms, sorry no exceptions, Senators get two 6 year terms thats it. If Anderson Cooper wants to marry Dennis Rodman, more power to him if Dennis says yes.
    No more indoctrination centers and Antifa would be no more. Any group which means (any group) that acts as a mob to thwart other people from assembling for any legal reason would be shut down, no exceptions. Six gallon flush toilets would be mandatory, and of course George Soros would be hunted down and gifted to Vladmimir Putin.
    Government would be treated as a necessary evil, not as mom and dad. People that need help would get help, people that abuse the system would not.

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