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    Posted by 3Dee on July 27, 2019, 11:33 am, in reply to "AOC NANCY"

    I agree this is not the way for them to reach 'Middle America'.

    The Democrats may very well need another election cycle before they learn their lesson.

    If they cannot beat a president who enjoys a 53% disapproval rating and 42% favorable rating, it's their own damn fault....and i think it will be realized.

    The Establishment Democrats --- They want all the party to tow the line. Everyone has to be pro-choice, everyone has to fall in line with Pelosi, Biden just as they were expected to fall in line with Hillary.

    The Fringe Left -- People like Bernie and AOC and her gang are taking the party even farther from everyday Americans and the things that they worry about.

    Conservative Democrats were left behind a long time ago. Those who may have some moral objections to some of the social issues were still in it for the working man and woman.

    Granite City democrats were those type of Democrats....

    Trump's camp knows this.....

    In my mind....it's so easy for the Democrats...

    We just need some intelligent voices --- voices that are mature and a little less radical....voices that show that 'we're here to serve....not to gain power'....

    The Democrats instead are ramping up their game to out Trump, Trump. It won't work.

    Just like 2016 --- it's the Democrats election to lose. Everything swings in their favor, but with lack of strategy and lack of connection to the people....they could very well lose in 2020.

    What American Patriot Michael Moore warned us about in 2016 --- the left still hasn't learned a thing...

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