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    Re: I don't like feeling helpless in the face of tyranny Archived Message

    Posted by opinionated on July 26, 2019, 9:13 am, in reply to "Re: I don't like feeling helpless in the face of tyranny"

    Please explain how Trump is a "tyrant". I mean I know the democratic hit words are things like "traitor", "Nazi", "Racist". All name tags that can be turned around on some of our dem buddies.

    Hillary calls Trump a liar but she lied as much as any person on earth. Cory Booker calls Trump a racist yet many black leaders are seen with the President daily and have much respect for what he's done for black and Hispanic unemployment.

    The name calling isn't cutting it. I guess when you know the electoral vote isn't going to go your way with your platform, you stoop to name calling. The dems aren't moving on healthcare, the borders, alleged police brutality or gun violence. Aren't those the things they said they would fix after 2018?

    We are facing four more years of this nonsense unless democrats can come up with a candidate who knows something besides childish innuendo.

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