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    Bernies economics do not apply to him. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on July 19, 2019, 5:17 pm

    Bernie Sanders canít wait to sink his money-grubbing fingers into your wallets. But when it comes to practicing what he preaches, Bernie is as stingy as they come. Maybe Bernie isnt all that crazy after all.

    According to the Washington Post, Bernie campaign workers are demanding a $15/hr minimum wage. And ill be damned, the stingy old bastard is balking.

    Of course he is, the socialist icon doesnt want to pay up.

    Shakir [Bernieís campaign manager] said that it would be damaging to the campaignís budget to implement a pay hike after expanding field staff based on previously planned salary figures. In conclusion, he said, he would negotiate the matter only through the channels established by the union arrangement.

    Oh, I see. Bernie wants to force every business to pay $15/hr whether it damages their budget or not. But he wont pay his campaign workers $15/hr because ďit would be too damaging to the campaignís budget.Ē

    Isnít that a kick in the head?

    If only Bernie could apply that same thinking to American businesses right?

    But of course he doesnít.

    Thatís the thing about socialism.

    You never ever have to practice what you preach.

    If anyone needs to see what happens when employers are forced to pay a minimum wage they canít afford, look no further than the campaign of the guy eager to force employers to pay a minimum wage they canít afford.

    Itís so easy to be generous with other peopleís money, even a stingy old bastard like Bernie can do it.

    Just donít expect him to put his own money where his bellowing mouth is. The rules just never seem to apply to them do they?

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