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    Posted by Riverbender on July 16, 2019, 6:19 am, in reply to "Havent we seen this before somewhere??"

    in a last-ditch attempt to connect with voters, Biden tries to promote ObamaCare as the best thing since sliced bread.
    Ironically, Biden ignored ObamaCareís failings. He didnít mention that whole fiasco where we couldnít choose our doctors, or the fact that the affordable part didnít actually happen. And Joe skipped over the news that several co-ops designed to help run ObamaCare smoothly were belly-up before Trump even took office. Instead, Biden doubled down on Obamaís biggest blunder as president.
    Biden wants all Americans to get their insurance from the government. Itís a risky move. But with rumors looming that Bidenís out, he needs to set himself apart. And considering the company he keeps, it may not do any good. Especially when Biden is proclaiming his loyalty to legislation that clearly let down the American people.

    Bidenís inability to understand these utter failures is one of many reasons heíll never be President. Instead of calling a spade a spade, Biden doubled down on the worst legislation in history just because he was ďthere when Obama did it.Ē Obviously, Bidenís content with the damage done. But his strange allegiance to Obama is bizarre, especially when the former President isnít even willing to endorse Biden in 2020.

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