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    Posted by 3Dee on June 30, 2019, 6:48 am, in reply to "Trump Makes History"

    I'm listening to the CBS News on the radio and it is reported pretty evenly. I keep it as my main source of news precisely because the top of the hour news doesn't allow for a great deal of opining.

    This 'MSM' spin is only as good as those who receive it behave.

    Negotiating a peace with North Korea and stopping the threat of nuclear attack could be quite an accomplishment. However, I would still worry about the citizenry - and see if steps are taken to lift the repression of this regime.

    It's hard for someone who totally and entirely dislikes Trump to give him credit for the good that may have been accomplished. Usually things go well when Trump changes his mind and decides NOT to do something. If Trump enacted all of his plans, the Economy would tank. When he decides NOT to apply the tarrifs, the economy decides to soar.

    We'll see what happens in North Korea and how Kim Jong Un carries this out. The Conservative biased MSM will say it is a total and complete victory. However, we must remember that Pyongyang is a showcase facade city, and people everywhere else are starving to death.

    Also too, the Conservative biased MSM should mention that Trump seems to do better with adversaries than form a rapport with our allies.

    So anyway.... it's not how the media spins it, it's how the people receive it.

    Just about no one is truly objective anymore, but we have to hold out hope that whoever is in power is successful, lest their failure be our fail as well. I can't certainly hope and pray that Trump fails on Election day, and that a literate president takes his place......but while he is in power, hoping for his failure would be like hoping for our failure.

    I wish the Comment Section people of America (supposing that includes all of us) could be more objective......

    But for those who don't like him, Trump can do no right.....and for those who do like him, Trump can do no wrong.

    For those who like him, somehow the most illiterate, incompetent, reckless leader we have ever had is like a freakin' Messiah.

    All the same, emotions and passions take over on both sides - and that's how we stop electing public servants...... that's how we didn't get Martin O'Malley winning the 2016 election.

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