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    Posted by opinionated on June 29, 2019, 3:05 pm, in reply to "Re: Pelosi Saves Face"

    Either way. EG is just another liberal who hates Trump so much he can't believe anything that Chuck Todd and Rachel Madcow don't tell him.

    Of course being from East Granite, the land of the $12,000 home, he probably doesn't appreciate what the stock market has done for retirees. I've probably made more money in the market these past two years than he's made in his minimum wage life.

    Yes, he likes to call others names. It's the way of the party these days. See Wally, if you don't agree with him, you're a moron, a deplorable or the good old reliable "racist".

    Here's the deal though. There wasn't a person on the stage those last two nights who have a dog's chance in hell of beating Trump next November.

    I mean for God's sake, that lady author is going to call the President of New Zealand to tell her we are the nicest country on earth.

    Several of them are so into climate change that they don't see a potential nuclear war being more important. Hey fools, if a nuclear missile hits, you'll pray for climate change.

    Then of course there's Booker who's playing Step N Fetch and promising things to blacks that he still believes are enslaved to the white man.

    There's a candidate who's going to buy back guns. Yeah, we've seen how that works. There's Kirsten Hillabrand who has used too much peroxide in her day to have any brain cells. left. Add to the mix shaky finger Bernie, "remember when I was VP under Obama , Biden.

    I'd like to say that one of the woman candidates like Warren, Harris or the not to bad looking for a democrat candidate from Hawaii would be on the ticket but Pocohontas blew it with, "Ima gonna get me a beer". Harris is just Bernie with a bigger penis.

    In short, EG you should start working on treatment for TDS pretty soon because unless a miracle occurs, Trump will win again. He's nuts but he's better than what's coming form the left wing loons.

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