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    Is Granite city intimidating landlords? Archived Message

    Posted by Joshbad on June 29, 2019, 2:53 am

    This is going to sound like exaggeration, but its all true.

    I posted about this on my website, defendant378.com/home/

    I am a granite city landlord, and Granite city has been harassing me as of late, I have alot of documents and cases against Granite city on my website. However they're latest actions surprised even me. Granite city officials may be using their power to promote their own business. Heres a copy of what I wrote on my site:

    i’m sad too say that I recently lost one of my best customers, for over 5 years she was purchasing my property Rent-to-own. She always paid on time, and took great pride in maintaining the property. I drove by the property recently and noticed that the yard was unkempt; my customer was a very clean person and her gardening was usually fantastic so this was very unusual. I stopped by to investigate further and found that she must of moved out of the property some time ago.

    In the course of my investigation that followed, I obtained a verbal statement recorded with my ex-tenant’s consent, that sheds some light on the circumstances surrounding her out-of-character abandonment of the property.

    In the recorded statement, my ex-tenant states that a Granite city inspector came to her home and told her that she “needs to leave because Kevin had not paid his taxes on the house” and that “they (Granite city) were going to get Kevin”. According to my customer, the city inspector went on to recommend that my now ex-customer should “Come down to city hall to get a list of city approved apartments”. My customer goes on to state that the inspector was “rude and hateful” in his manner.

    When I later asked her why she had broken our contract and abandoned the property so abruptly without informing me, my customer gave me the following justification:

    She feared being unexpectedly forced from her home as the city inspector (falsely) told her that I was three years behind on my real-estate taxes and they were going to “Get Kevin”.
    The Granite city inspector told her “she needed to go” and she did not want any trouble with the city.
    It is hard to blame my tenant when because of what Granite city officials (falsely) told her; she honestly believed that she might be forced from her home in the near future.

    My taxes were and still are up to date on that property. I do not know why Granite city officials would pressure my tenant into breaking our lease-purchase agreement and abandoning my property and seeking a “city approved” apartment at city hall, but it seems dishonest to me. My new tax bill just came in, and it will be very difficult to pay now that the house is vacant. Thankfully I have the recorded statement which will certainly be very significant in a future lawsuit, as these actions by Granite city are shady at best.

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