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    Posted by Open Minded on June 25, 2019, 2:15 pm, in reply to "Re: Another day in Granite"

    As usual, you miss the point. Painting an entire group of people as (insert negative descriptor) is myopic and an indication of bigotry. I'll agree that the whole "basket full of deplorables" fell into that category and was wrong. Riverbender loves to call people trash, describing anyone who is or has ever been on public assistance.

    You hate all Democrats, Based on how you daily make that point, one would assume that if you had the opportunity to save a man or woman from a burning building, you'd want to know their political views first.

    David Duke is a racist and so is Donald Trump, plenty of facts to back up that. Saying that every person that supports Trump is racist is not true and wrong and I've not heard any Democrat state that.

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