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    Posted by bob on June 25, 2019, 1:45 am, in reply to "Re: red card"

    Yeah, thanks for clearing that up. The article I linked told how to print your own red card. I looked up another article called "The Red Card Solution" (http://redcardsolution.com/index.php/about-red-card), and this is what it said, to paraphrase:

    The Guest Worker Permit Red Card creates a different system for the vast majority merely seeking work in the U.S.

    A simple way for them and their families to legally come to the U.S. for specific jobs and for a specific period of time. It would require them to go through a background check and to return home at the end of their employment. It would give them no special place in the citizenship line.

    I guess they meant the green card that you mentioned.

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