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    Posted by GLW on June 21, 2019, 2:05 pm

    Hi to All...Walmart is now opened for
    business in the the grocery section...and they appear to be moving some stock to where customers have access to it.

    Speaking with my brother-in-law...he did say this was a fact about our Walmart store...so I did some shopping today at the Walmart store. This news about Walmart being opened is good news for me because I was staying clear of this store and shopping elsewhere so they could give their undivided attention to this fire.

    After Shop & Save closed their doors...we are forced to now shop at Walmart's for our shopping needs.

    Don was married to my wife's twin sister and the way I understand this is when twin Janet Ruth was alive...Don was never considered as being a brother-in-law to me...he was simply married to Janet Ruth. Don was my wife's brother-in-law...but no relation to me.


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