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    I mean where's the joy? Archived Message

    Posted by Loquacious1 on June 13, 2019, 9:46 pm

    Enough of the Soros and Alinsky conspiracies and blaming Obama and Clinton..... and whatever conspiracy theory one chooses to pull from one's human BUNKer...

    The Blues won the Stanley Effin Cup....

    I mean let's enjoy the escapism of the moment, where some overpaid Canadians who put on a jersey in the name of St. Louis won the Championship.

    We can take the frustrations of our life out on the Cardinals... even though not a one of us could do better, they lift our spirits when they are good .... and they are scapegoats who receive all the energy of our frustrations when they lose.

    (I was talking about Cardinals, not liberals..)

    So anyway....be lifted up...enjoy...

    Blues won the Cup... It happened! Really!

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