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    Posted by CrackerJack on May 31, 2019, 3:32 am

    These complete whack-jobs just couldn't be satisfied. They had to just keep pushing and pushing and pushing the envelope. Terminating a pregnancy was legal. Abortions legal into the second trimester. Then these heartless sorry excuse for humans wanted more and demanded late term abortions. There is no excuse or reason other than to save the life of a mother, or rape and incest, should this ever have been allowed or legal.

    If you are too ignorant and irresponsible to realize that your unprotected sexual encounter resulted in an unwanted pregnancy before a late term abortion is necessary, and you then seek that late term abortion, it should be accompanied with mandatory sterilization, because you're just too ignorant to reproduce!

    Then, here we are today. That envelope those crazies kept pushing has backfired. What in the hell did they think was going to happen when they argued for, fought for, and then demanded that they be allowed to abort and kill a fully developed, full term baby up to, but not limited to it's due date, but actually right up to the minute before it's actual birth, and even after it's birth while it's laying on the table crying, and they are still tossing around the idea and discussing with their physician whether or not they want it to live, or if they would prefer the baby be given the needle, and "make it comfortable" after they decide that it should die.

    These pro-choice people have now crossed over to pro-abortion and couldn't be satisfied with the laws in place, and now state after state is stepping up and putting a stop to this madness. People are so disgusted and outraged this heartbeat bill will spread state to state.

    Illinois will be more popular than ever, there is already talk about free transportation being provided to all Missourians who need the services that only Granite City can provide, as they are looking at their last abortion clinic being shut down soon.

    These heartless freaks who are arguing for their rights to late term, and now full term abortions had better clean up their alleys and stock up on those coat hangers, because it's beginning to look like they have turned back time all on their own, and that may end up being their only alternative once a heartbeat is detected.

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