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    Posted by GCAI on November 7, 2018, 5:11 am

    As most of you know I am jobless once again cause of something I could not control. I lost my job cause I was too slow as the matinees guy at Jack In The Box. Really, its not a joke I was too slow cleaning.

    Not one time I was asked what I got left or was told finish what I am doing & go home. I was getting like over 60 hours & that is like a manager. I admit I did ok doing the job did not like parts of it but, I did the job 7 gave it the college try.

    People I talked like the guy who replaced me said,I was treated wrong & other think so too like a friend who is now a manager(no going to say her name)& I am not going to say names on here.

    Now the guy who was the manager there that became the district manager then another district manager came back cause someone was not doing there job(once again not nameing names). My dad told me I should talk to someone on getting a second chance & get my job back. I agree but, the person who fired me is still there & I should talk to the big boss(district manger)to get my job back.

    Now I heard person who fired me got fired or left so chances of me getting my job back are good. So should I go & try to get my job back or should I try to apply somewhere else.

    I need this advice big time cause I love to work & I am good worker. Thanks in advance & as always please stay safe & take care.

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