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    Wake up Granite City! Archived Message

    Posted by Enough on November 4, 2018, 11:46 pm

    Business as usual means no business in Granite City!

    Just one more blow to our community with the announcement of Lowe’s closing

    Before everyone starts spewing “But that’s a corporate decision and there’s nothing that could’ve been done” let’s ask ourselves is that the truth or does that pat answer make it easier to swallow the pill that our city is crumbling before our very eyes and we are allowing it!
    We can try and lay blame on the nations economy, or online sales, but ask yourself
    Why are other communities growing around us but we’re declining?
    Is it too late for us?
    Is this the end?
    I hope not, but to be honest I’m not sure we can hold on for two more years with the hope that new blood will be ambitious enough to get things going again

    We need things happening now!
    Please! To all elected officials you were elected to represent us, to serve us, to do what’s best for our community. Surely even you realize if this is the best, your best isn’t good enough!

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