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    Chris Hankins for County Board Archived Message

    Posted by Blu on November 3, 2018, 2:32 pm

    I have NEVER voted early. I enjoy waiting until Election Day.

    I hope that both political parties residing in District 16 will vote for Chris Hankins.

    Chris and I, along with many others, have worked as volunteers on several improvement projects within the Village AND never, not one time, did our political differences get in the way of accomplishing those goals.

    I know without a doubt that Chris Hankins is more engaged and knowledgeable to the problems and needs of Precinct 16 than his opponent. MUCH MORE!

    I truly believe that Chris will lay partisonship aside and work earnestly with Chairman Prenzler and others in the know, to find long term solutions to prevent the interior flooding we have all experienced in our area.

    Good Luck Chris Hankins!

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