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    Re: Topix is full of cyber bullies & I about had it. Archived Message

    Posted by 3Dee on October 31, 2018, 1:31 pm, in reply to "Topix is full of cyber bullies & I about had it."

    Since you made this public --- I'll just help you in public. Maybe it's not help....trust me, I don't even pretend that I am being helpful...but unsolicited, here's 'help' from me ----

    1. Turn of Topix and don't ever go back. Ever.

    2. I am truly concerned for you - but live nowhere near you and cannot be helpful to you. Make sure you are getting the help you need, even a counselor on a sliding scale or something. Bullies suck - but you can't let them have control of your life 15-20 years after the fact. I dealt with a number of a-holes in high school. I discovered they actually were okay people who just had a $#!+load of insecurities. A bully wins when he (or she) lives rent free in your head.

    3. Punch your own ticket --- and be validated before God and yourself. Those are the only two people you need to please.....and maybe whomever signs your paycheck to a degree. Other than that, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

    4. Turn off Topix and don't ever turn it back on ever again....not for one second.

    5. Be your own person and be happy with it. You are about to explode because you are letting other people take control of your life and basing your own self-worth on their opinions of you... you are handing control over to anonymous trolls that don't even have the decency to put their name out there.

    Hell, i am technically one of those --- but my saving grace is I don't bash private individuals....just Trump. So that just makes me a poster, but not a troll. : )

    So anyway --- please take every word i say to heart.

    6. Let this be your motto in life: illegitimis non carborundum

    (Don't let the ba$+ard$ grind you down...is the closest translation..)

    7. Turn off Topix and don't go back.... Ever.

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