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    Posted by 3Dee on October 26, 2018, 11:23 am, in reply to "Re: All terrorists are bad"

    Yeah, my opinions of Trump are what they are....but I know many good people out there who support the man (for whatever reason), but they are far from the people who would ever shoot people up or bomb people.

    Trump is a lot of things, but he had to have come in this position with some good will...and if it's for narcissistic ends...so be it...but he would not have wanted to see private citizens mail bombed on his own soil.

    The guy who shot up that softball game... he's a nut! I am sure that George Soros did not buy his gun for him and send him out there, nor did Hillary or anyone else.

    The bomber is not a typical conservative and not a typical anything.....

    This issue is far beyond the gotcha points about my side vs. yours..... this is frightening...people who do these things aren't typical of anything other than being typical TERRORISTS. Those are the kind of people we have to unite against.

    Someone targeting liberals in a terroristic kind of ways doesn't benefit anyone's argument or make every liberal a victim. Someone targeting conservatives should never be a feather in the conservative (red hat) cap either.

    No..... Terrorists should not benefit our arguments...and they shouldn't be attributed to anyone in an argument... they are just that TERRORISTS....not befitting of a place in anyone's argument. They need to be put where other TERRORISTS reside.....away from innocent people, until the end of their wretched days.

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