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    Shop'n'Save is closing Archived Message

    Posted by GCAI on October 9, 2018, 3:28 am

    If you folks have not heard our Shop'n'Save is closing in November. The reason: Supervalue(owner of Shop'n'Save got sold to a new company that only wants the warehouses not the stores. So a new owner is needed & if no one comes foreword kiss it good bye.

    You wonder what the city doing to stop this? They are doing nothing but sitting on their hands & saying good bye. We have people who own property in this city that live in St.Louis or somewhere else. The lady who owns the area where the old Salvation Army store was she lives in St.Louis & does not want to keep up on the property.

    I see bad things coming if no one to buy a store in this city,even one with 1 good union jobs.

    So if anyone have any rich friends tell them a supermarket in Granite City,IL needs a new owner.

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