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    What is going on in this town? Archived Message

    Posted by JM on October 7, 2018, 12:49 am

    I've seen 2 people in 2 days walking the streets that needed hauled off in a straight jacket to the emergency room for a pit stop, then locked up in Kettler.

    Some low life drug dealer in the area must have got it's hands on some nasty stuff, and apparently selling to the idiots stupid enough to buy it. These people look like those fools you see on those video's of people turning into zombies from smoking that K-2 crap.

    These people are hallucinating and fighting and interacting with people or things that aren't there. It's a scary sight. I watched some guy jumping into traffic on Nameoki rd, screaming and fighting off something that wasn't there. Then a day later some woman was running in circles, jumping and laying down in the middle of the street for a few seconds before jumping up and running down the road screaming her guts out.

    Why the hell would anyone take a drug that makes you lose total control and hallucinate? These people act like a rabid animal. I can see why it takes 4 or 5 cops to cuff one of these people. It's insanity!

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